From complete turnkey custom publications to simple company newsletters, we have you covered. Our creative staff will bring to bear innnovative design, excellent editorial and award-winning layout to set your brand apart and create the buzz you are looking for.

Custom Publishing

Looking to produce your own publication to reach your target market? Our custom publication department can create a professional product at a fraction of the cost to do it in-house. We do it all — copy writing and interviews, page layout, artwork including ad creation, photography, proofing, we even interface with your printer through the entire prepress stage and can coordinate direct mailing and publication distribution. Rest assured you will get a professional-quality piece for an affordable price.

The CitiPublishing Compass

Since 1998, we have been developing and refining our Custom Publication Process. We call it our Compass. It's our guide. Our direction. It's how we work with you to create, design, publish and distribute your unique publication. We believe decision making is founded on values, not policies. We believe in creating a culture of empowerment, autonomy, and award-winning creativity.

The Compass Consultation

  • Strategic Plan. Your vision is our direction. We want to make sure we understand your goals and all the components necessary to help you achieve them. We will become familiar with your history, competitive position and current marketing message. We want to understand your core brand assets and appreciate the voice, character, and content of your publication.
  • Market Definition. Reaching your target audience is critical, from a particular age group, gender, income range, etc. We want to absorb all we can about this demographic and how you can reach them through your publication.
  • Editorial Compass. Your CitiPublishing team will work with you to create an editorial plan, design direction and production schedule that meet all of your goals. You have many editorial options from having us work with your team to write content specific to your needs, to interviewing key people in your organization, to having the CitiPublishing team write and produce all custom content for the publication.
  • Mailing and Distribution. Because distribution is fundamental to the success of your publication, we wiill formulate a distribution plan to achieve maximum exposure and efficient deployment of the publication.

At each step of the way, your dedicated CitiPublishing team will be available to guide you through the decisions you need to make.

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