CitiPublishing is a creative group of designers, writers, coders, and marketers totally committed to one over-riding goal — make your business shine. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills to the table all combining to produce a quality product for you at an affordable price completed ahead of schedule.

John Anderson

Master of Our Domain

With a love of life, learning and laughter, John revels in the world of creation and creativity. Guess that's what you'd expect from an English Major-MBA with a Master of Health Organization Management—forever the student. Once that fire is lit, it's hard to douse the drive to make a living writing, reading, communicating, and interacting. When asked how he started a design-publishing-online business, John likes to quip - 'Part lucky preparation and part sheer brilliance.' OK, scratch the brilliant part and put determination. Or hope. Or dreams. Ok, just put prayer. Actually, life really is about defining your passion, surrounding yourself with greatness, and getting after it with a lot of heart. Sprinkle in countless late nights, leftover spaghetti, and rolled up sleeves, and it's hard to fail.

Greatest Treasure
Marlo + 5 amazing boys + fantastic parents
I'm usually listening to...
Music. Lots of it. Loud and live. Almost any.
If I could be anywhere I'd be...
Right here, right now, watching the world wake up...
Favorite Food
Chicken Chipolte' Burrito, smothered in Mango Salsa @ Costa Vida
Top 5 Movies
Only 5? Rocky, Butch Cassidy/ Sundance Kid, O Brother Where Art Thou?, The Godfather, Toy Story, etc.

Ken Shepherd

Online Oracle. Grand Geek. Craftsman in Charge

Ken is the Web guy. He oversees the Internet product line including website design, online marketing, and the community health portal. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA each from Brigham Young University. His work experience includes consulting for IBM, KPMG Peat Marwick and various entrepreneurial web ventures.

Favorite Pastime
The Game of Baseball
Second Language
Español, PHP
Favorite Hobby
Jazz Guitar
Obsesses Over...
Cascading Style Sheets
Favorite Food
Costco Shrimp

Julie Guyer

First Lady of Leads

Julie balances uncanny instinct with uncompromising drive. She is clearly motivated by helping our clients achieve success, and embodies an abundance mentality towards helping everyone around her improve. Perfectionist to a tee, Julie sees every small detail and won't rest until it's right. But this isn't even her strongest quality. That would have to go to her passion and persistence in pursuing long-term, meaningful client relationships. If you know Julie, you know that you will be taken care of, and that you've got a strong advocate in your corner. We couldn't be more pleased with her leadership, and that's why she's the 'first lady of leads'.

Greatest Treasure
My Son, Ryan
Favorite Hobby
Herding Cats
If I could be ANYWHERE
Well, DUH! Hawaii
Favorite Food
Favorite Book
A Dogs Purpose
Favorite Movie
Somewhere in Time
Something that NOBODY knows about me
I was in a Van Halen video in 1985

Steve Wallace

Sire of Sales

Steve is a master of multi-tasking. And, a marketing magician, pulling many rabbits out of the hat, so to speak. Steve has an eagle-eye for editing, and an eagle's view of the healthcare landscape. This is especially useful as he helps many various clients take advantage of the fast-evolving marketing opportunities, including publishing, print, online, and digital presence. Steve grew up in Washington, graduating with colors from Washington State University, and has honed his craft in the healthcare arena ever since. His professionalism and poise are powerful tools towards helping us grow nationwide.

Camille Beck

Queen of the Castle

Camille could easily be a Las Vegas performer, as she exhibits style, poise, grace, and calm. Camille is way more balanced than your average Cirque du Soilel performer, and is truly our ringleader with all the tasks she juggles and the hoops she jumps through to keep the big-top sizzling. Oh, yeah, and her accounting background is helpful too!

Food Flare...
I Wish I Was...
Playing at the Pink Coral Sand Dunes in S. Utah
I Wish I Was Watching...
The Blind Side
One Day I'm Going On...
Mediterranean Cruise
Musical Philosophy
If it ain't country... it's crap.

Theresa Woodland

Duchess of Design

Some people got it; some want it. Whatever 'it' is, Theresa's definitely got it. Great eye, great talent, great instinct. In fact, if Theresa were a song on a movie soundtrack, she'd be the Eye of the Tiger. We are very blessed to have the organization, focus, and spine that Theresa brings to the CitiPublishing Group as she manages and directs our team of artists and designers and their diverse projects. While she holds a degree in Communications from Brigham Young University, girl's got skill with a mousepad and a design program.

Biggest Fear
Thing I Love Most
Phillip, my husband
Food I Hate Most
Guilty Pleasure
Dr. Pepper (Yes, I'm Texan!)
Hidden Talent
Piano Composer/performer
Worst Word
Ya'll (Yes, I'm Texan!)

Heather Hooke

Princess of Publishing

Heather is hands on success. She exudes confidence and creativity. She is uber-organized and fantastic at follow-up. And, we're not sure if she understands the word 'NO' because it never seems to hinder her ability to help a client achieve their marketing goals. Perhaps it's her Park City, UT upbringing. It might be her Westminster College liberal arts education. Could be the years she spent managing Nordstrom's highly public interface makeup departments in Utah. Whatever it is, Heather is definitely on her game and has come to play. Competitive, much? Um, just slightly. And a total joy to be around. If there's a secret sauce to the success at CitiHealth, it very well might be Heather.

Greatest Treasure
My spirituality, family, and Soule mate
I'm usually listening to
Colbie Caillat, Train, Frank Sinatra, or Natasha Bedingfield's Pocket Full of Sunshine
If I could be anywhere I'd be
On a beautiful white sandy beach, doing yoga, and writing an article... although all 3 at the same time might be tough!
Favorite Foods
Blackened salmon and cookie dough for dessert
Top 5 movies
Something's Gotta Give, Contact, The Island, French Kiss, Wedding Crashers
Favorite hobbies
Yoga, writing, spa treatments
Obsess over
Organizing, labeling, and filing EVERYTHING! & safety
Random skill
Ability to have "life" talks with just about anyone... including my barista at Starbucks

Mary Coleman

Court Jester

Mary is the glue that holds together all our corporate loose ends. Versatile. Talented. Detailed. Steady. Sure. Mary's a fantastic editor and wordsmith, and is also emerging as quite the design diva. If there is a project that needs some hands-on, stick-to-it subtle tenacity, Mary's on it. A graduate of Brigham Young University's design/journalism major, Mary has really put her background to great use while taking care of variety of tasks for our clients.

If I could have a super power, it would be
Favorite food
Yorkshire pudding. Or brownies
Favorite movie quote
"Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops."
From my bucket list
Learn how to moonwalk; tour Europe; ride across country on a train; see the Northern Lights
Deep water/the ocean and a slight fear of heights
Pet Peeves
"How much time do you have?"
Something (hardly) no one knows about me
I was on a TV game show in high school. Don't worry; it's not as glamorous as it sounds

Ashley Romney-Whiting

Princess of the Portal

Dot-Com Queen, Ashley Romney-Whiting is the glue that holds our online world together. A graduate of Brigham Young University, and a native of Mexico, Ashley is a triple-threat in the industry! Part geek, part creative, part communications. Whatever she is, she's a big part of our team and we appreciate working with her.

If not here, I'd be....
Laying on the beach where it's warm!
One Day I'm going to....
Italy - Tuscany to be specific
Guilty Pleasure
am no respecter of chocolates. I'm an equal chocolate opportunist.
Interesting Background
I'm Mexican. Really. I'm from Colonia Juarez. Seriously.
OK, I'll Admit It...
I'm an 80's fanatic. Top Gun, Bon Jovi, English bands. And yes, 80's attire!